RoDelta Business Solutions was founded in Bucharest during March 2003 by Mr. Catalin Vatra to provide organizations with innovative and proven information technology solutions, as well as highly specialized consulting and technical support services in order to help customers achieve their business goals. The activity of the company is based on modern concepts and methodologies designed for optimaluse and management of the business information and data.

Very well known by the name of “Informational Integration”, the concept became a highly used approach of the IT projects due to its major advantages for the customers: major cost reduction for the design and implementation of technological solutions; specialized partnership with a single supplier who integrates a network of product and service providers; an unified vision upon the future informational integrated system of the customer. In other words, companies will not use a large number of software and hardware applications, more or less interconnected, but they will have access to an unified system which will provide the informational basis for business development.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a competitive advantage by designing and implementing IT models and business management solutions, capable to ensure a powerful tool for business  decisions based on real-time and accurate information.

In this respect, RoDelta Business Solutions provides a complete range of integrated services, starting from the system analysis, design and development, to technical support, project management,  consulting, implementation, staff training and helpdesk. The company employs around 10 multi-lingual staff, including specialists in technical support, business processes, project management,  databases, telecommunications, networks and programming. The RoDelta Team represents a wealth of practical experience in implementing systems in both simple and complex environments, with an understanding of both local requirements, and international standards. Companies can be confident that in RoDelta Business Solutions they will find a highly skilled and dedicated partner,  understanding of its clients’ needs, and committed to their success of the business.

We have the knowledge, resources and energy to provide the most technologically advanced solutions to our customers, as well as the ability to tailor our services according to the requirements,  which will ultimately enable our clients to achieve their strategic goals and consolidate their competitive advantage on the Romanian market.