RoDelta Business Solutions provides a diverse range of software solutions, across a number of industries, and has developed close and long-lasting relationships with prestigious software authors:

UltraBAC Software

UltraBAC is the best backup solution for single server environments and small networks. While packing great features into the software, we have kept smaller users’ requirements high on our priority list:

  • Installs in 15 minutes
  • 8MB footprint with only two services
  • Minimal overhead
  • Easy to use
  • Cost-effective
  • Full set of features
  • Great tech support
  • Special Small Business Server pricing

We continuously upgrade our software to address the evolving needs of large distributed systems and Windows server farms. Some UltraBac features of particular interest in larger environments are:

  • Simple deployment
  • Central console to manage several jobs from one location
  • Command-line driven
  • Remote autoloader and tape support
  • FTP used to run backup over the Internet
  • In conjunction with Tivoli software, store backups on Tivoli device
  • Back up to any local or remote tape drive
  • Back up to any local disk or network UNC path

UltraBac’s design philosophy is that backup must be a safety net for the data that is the lifeblood of a business. Our safety-net backup product is designed to reduce or eliminate backup failures, so that when hardware fails, data is safe.

UltraBac’s safety-net design incorporates strategic features like built-in media cascading, hardware failure redirect, tape duplication capability, email alerts and notifications and image-based recovery.

Backup is our only business. We have worked long and hard to create the best possible software to safeguard your data. Let UltraBac be your safety net.

StarWind Software

StarWind helps you build a rock-solid, high-performance IP SAN that is affordable within any organization’s IT budget. Our IP SAN solution enables small- and mid-size companies benefit from enterprise-level solutions without the typical high costsof implementation and administration.

  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Data Mirroring and Remote Replication. Enables
    volume/site failover and recovery for uninterrupted storage operations and 24/7 business continuity.
  • Auto Thin Provisioning:  no need to allocate storage capacity until it’s needed. Allocates only as much space as is required for data being written on that volume without predicting future capacity need.
  • CDP/Snapshots – automatic or manual Microsoft VSS compatible (Volume Shadow Copy Services)  snapshots, volume cloning and incremental backups with unlimited number of rollback points.
  • Supports Shared Volumes for clustering servers. With StarWind it’s possible to use an iSCSI volume as quorum disk for Microsoft Cluster.
  • StarWind integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Windows NTFS compression and encryption. SAN image files stored on NTFS partitions can be encrypted and compressed (without excessive access overhead).
  • StarWind fully supports iSCSI boot from SAN. This allows you to completely eliminate the need for dedicated hard disk drives installed on client machines.
  • StarWind is able to use Serial and Parallel ATA and SCSI, Fibre Channel, USB and FireWire storage hardware. Export an entire disk or a single file or partition on the hard disk as an iSCSI virtual disk.
  • Storage hardware (tape drives, automatic tape libraries, high-performance Blu-Ray and HD-DVD burners, DVD-ROM changers etc.) can be “networked” using StarWind.
  • Supports MPIO (Multi-Path I/O) through multiple sessions when using the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator.
  • I/O read and write caching using RAM as cache to improve throughput and response time.
  • Secure IPsec encryption for secure tunneling over WAN IP connections and CHAP authentication.